Christian Youth Sermons for Easter

Updated April 17, 2017

For Christians, Easter is one of the most important holidays of the year. On Easter morning, Christians recount the gospel story and remember how Jesus conquered death and rose from the dead. For Christian youth, an Easter sermon can encourage them to stop what they're doing and acknowledge the significance of Jesus's death and the impact of his resurrection, which is the fundamental aspect of the Christian faith.


For Christians, youth Easter sermons present the Easter story in an age-appropriate way. Young children may not be able to understand the theological significance of Easter, but presenting the Easter sermon using concepts and ideas that children are familiar with and can understand will help them to grasp the importance of Easter.


There are three main types of sermons: the expository sermon, which consists of an exposition on a particular scripture passage; a topical sermon, which uses scripture to teach on a topic; and a textual sermon, which takes the sermon's points and subpoints from a specific text in scripture (see Resources). There are also illustrated sermons that use props to convey the message or lesson. Illustrated sermons are popular choices for many youth pastors.


Some youth may read the Easter story in their Bibles but may not truly understand it. Others may read it and think it's made up or untrue. Youth Easter sermons provide an opportunity for pastors to present the Easter story in a relatable and understandable way. For example, telling a youth group that Mary Magdalene was surprised when she went to the tomb and Jesus was gone doesn't seem like an important detail of the story, but when you make two holes and an egg and blow out the yoke, then tell the kids you're going to smash the egg, they'll get it. They'll be expecting a huge mess of yolk and will be truly shocked to see that the inside is hollow and only shell falls to the ground. Presenting an Easter sermon in a way that kids can understand will help them truly comprehend the message of the story.


An Easter sermon for youth should include reading the account of the empty tomb from one of the gospels, singing a song about Jesus rising from the dead, performing a skit to help convey the Easter message and providing an opportunity for those who don't believe in Jesus to commit their lives to him.

Time Frame

While a youth service can run for up to an hour, the actual youth Easter sermon should last no longer than 20 minutes. Young children have a short attention span, and keeping their attention longer than 20 minutes can be very difficult. Breaking up the sermon into shorter segments and having skits or songs between the speaking can help to stretch the youth's attention span.

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