Indoor Team-Building Games

Updated April 17, 2017

Team-building games are a good way to create team unity and strengthen communication skills. Indoor team-building games take only a few minutes out of the day but can help your team learn how to be successful. Games can make the learning process more enjoyable.

Obstacle Course

An indoor obstacle course is created with such random objects as dustbins, signs and chairs. Team members are divided into pairs, and one member of each pair is blindfolded. The team members who can see guide their blindfolded partners through the obstacle course in a race. This team-building game demonstrates the need for communication skills and trust.

Indoor Rock Climbing

An indoor rock-climbing course provides physical and mental challenges for your team. The group is divided into two teams, and one member from each team races up the wall against each other. As each person attempts to climb the indoor rock wall, he will need the encouragement and instruction of the others on the ground below. This exercise demonstrates the importance of encouragement and direction of others.

Laser Tag

Laser tag can teach leadership skills, teamwork skills and the importance of following a common vision. At a laser-tag facility, the group is divided into two teams, and each is given 20 minutes to choose a leader and create a laser-tag strategy. Halfway through the game, the teams have another brief period of time to discuss strategy and reorganise. At the end of the laser-tag game, the team members discuss the lessons they learnt and then share with the entire group.

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