Shoes for Women With Feet Problems

Updated April 17, 2017

You might think flats are the answer to a comfortable shoe that can accommodate someone with a food problem, but the truth is that without proper arch support, cushioning, and stabilisers, your flats may be causing more harm than good. Whether you're choosing an orthopaedic shoe or a regular shoe with comfort features, be sure to get a good fit, and test the shoes out on both hard and soft surfaces.


The Aravon Stridarc shoe gives the wearer a slight rocking motion as she walks, which minimises pressure on the foot, ankle, toes, and metatarsals. The shoe also has a full-length footbed to add cushioning and stability as you walk. This high-density cushioning forms to the foot and helps to relieve pressure and friction.


This brand's shoes have an insole made of a fibrous PVC-injected material that assists in supporting your arch and stabilising your heel. This type of insole helps to relieve specific pressure points on the foot, because the pressure is dispersed over the entire footbed. The company's website also claims that the density of the insoles helps in proper foot circulation.

Crocs Rx

An ultra-soft sole gives additional cushioning to those with plantar or heel pain, metatarsalgia, or just achy feet, while the wide toe area accommodates the wearing of a medical sock (good for those with diabetes), and gives relief for bunions. The shoe is roomy enough to avoid tightness or pressure points on any area of the foot.


This company makes closed-back styles with removable footbeds for those who wear custom orthotics.


All shoes from this brand have reinforced arch support. The BioFoam cushioning is a proprietary material meant to mould to an individual's foot shape to help cradle it and absorb shock.


The Women's 5250 Indoor & Outdoor Slippers feature a contoured footbed and a moulded polyurethane outsole with built-in arch support.


These shoes are made specifically for people with diabetes, and have mouldable insoles to help quell the formation of foot ulcers and sores. Velcro closures allow the wearer to adjust the shoe throughout the day to accommodate for swelling.


Designed by a podiatrist, this flexible and lightweight shoe's orthotic design keeps a foot's natural alignment to help prevent pronation, which can cause pain in the heel and ankle.


Podiatrists recommend these sandals because the toe separators help give proper weight distribution and blood circulation to prevent pain from swollen feet, hammertoes, bunions, calluses, and planters fasciitis.


This brand's Sport Thong Sandals feature arch support and a contoured footbed with a deep heel cup.

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