Gifts for the wife on our wedding day

Updated February 21, 2017

Many couples choose to give each other gifts on their wedding day. Traditionally, these gifts are given during the reception or immediately following the end of the event. A personal gift from you to your wife on your wedding day is a sentimental gesture she will love. There are a wide variety of gift options to consider for your bride.

Spa Gift Token

A spa gift token is a great way to treat your wife to some much needed relaxation after the stress of planning the wedding is over. A certificate to a local day spa for a massage or facial is the perfect way to pamper her.

Monogrammed Items

If your wife is changing her last name to yours, a monogrammed gift with her new initials is a great gift to commemorate your union. Slippers, bathrobes, washcloths, hand towels and wallets are all items that can be ordered online with any set of initials.

Champagne for Later

A bottle of champagne manufactured the year of your wedding is a sentimental gift for you to share with her later. Save the bottle until a specific day, such as your 10th wedding anniversary. Your wife will enjoy this special gift and will look forward to the day the two of you can share it.


While your wife will receive her wedding ring from you during the ceremony, a diamond necklace or a set of her birth stone earrings are a great gift to give her to wear during the reception. Buy her an item of jewellery you know she has had her eye on for awhile. This is a personal and romantic gift that she will cherish.

Honeymoon Gift Basket

If you and your wife are planning a honeymoon, give her a gift basket of practical items she can use during the trip. A book for her to read on the flight, a festive beach towel, insect repellent, sun screen, a guide book for your destination and a pair of sunglasses are all items you could include in the basket.

Mix CD

If you are on a tight budget but still want to give your wife a gift she will cherish, a personalised mix CD is an option to consider. Fill the CD with songs that remind you of her, songs the two of you enjoy, and sentimental songs from your wedding, such as your first dance song. Create a simple, hand-decorated cover for the CD case, or write her a personal love poem to enclose with the CD.

Musical Jewelry Box

If your wife owns a lot of jewellery, a custom designed jewellery box that plays her favourite song is a romantic and sentimental gift. Online jewellery and music box companies offer a wide variety of styles that can be custom made with the song of your choice.

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