Paper Basket Weaving Crafts for Kids

Updated April 17, 2017

Entertaining and educating young minds doesn't have to require a ton of money and a lot of planning. With some typical household items, an empty table and a little bit of guidance, these fun projects will encourage kids to use their imagination and create a unique craft as special as them. Young children in particular benefit from basket weaving activities as they improve coordination and force them to focus on the details of the task at hand.

Weave a Basket Paper Craft

This simple craft offers children an opportunity to exercise their fingers and imaginations. For this project you will need access to a printer, paper, scissors, glue and construction paper. Visit (see References) and print out the template of your choice. There's a coloured one and a black and white option if you'd prefer to do your own decorating and designing. You can use markers, coloured pencils or crayons for personal decoration. Next, cut out the template pieces along the dotted lines. Cut six strips of construction paper in any colour, making sure it's the same size as the bottom template piece. Weave all paper strips through and glue into place. Fold the basket along the solid lines and use the small tabs to glue the basket together. A construction paper handle is optional.

Easter Basket Paper Craft

If you're looking for a way to add a little holiday spirit to the mantel or bookshelf, kids can make this small Easter basket perfect for holding jelly beans. Download the template for this craft online (see References). You can choose between an already coloured version or a colour-me pattern. If you'd prefer to make a larger Easter basket print enlarge the template to desired size and continue with standard instructions. There are three primary parts to this craft: the base, handle and decoration trim for the rim. Pieces fit together, crossing on top of one another. Weave base pieces into place first by matching up the little dots and crosses on the tips of the slips of paper. Overlap and face them against one another then twist into secure placement and glue. Next intertwine the two separate handle pieces and set aside. Glue the decorative trim to the rim of the basket. Also, glue the ends of the handle inside the main compartment of the basket attaching it.

Harvest Basket

If you're entertaining younger children, this craft is easy for them to complete alone and doesn't require very many materials. You need brown construction paper, other various colours of construction paper, access to a printer, scissors, glue and magazines. To begin, grab a single piece of brown construction paper and the scissors. At approximately one-half an inch off the edge of the paper, cut a straight line all the way to the opposite end of the paper. Be careful to stop cutting before you reach the other edge. Another one-half inch perimeter is required at the other side too. You will need to do this process twice--one for each side of the basket. Collect numerous pieces of orange coloured paper and cut it lengthwise into one-inch strips. Weave these strips in and out of both basket halves. You have the option of gluing their ends to the edges of the main pieces or letting them sit loose. After you've completed the front and back pieces glue them together around the rim. Make sure not to glue the top shut, though. To decorate the basket, cut out pictures of fruit and vegetables from magazines or cut applicable fruit shapes out of construction paper. Glue them to the inside of the basket.

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