Hairstyles with banana clips

Updated April 10, 2017

The banana clip is a type of hair accessory that is slightly curved and has two comb teeth ends that secure together. The banana clip can serve a number of purposes, but this clip's most common application is securing "up do" hairstyles. The banana clip can take time to master, but the visually appealing results that it creates are often worth the effort.


Ponytails are a common hairstyle for keeping hair up and out of the face, but many hair rubber band styles can be harsh on the hair and can tug on the scalp. A banana clip can be substituted for a typical ponytail holder. Pull the hair back to the middle of the back of the head. The hair can be temporarily pinned or clipped in place if needed. Once all of the hair is held securely at the back of the head, insert the banana clip from the bottom, sliding it up until all of the hair is enveloped, then pull the two ends closed and secure at the top. The banana clip will create the same ponytail look with more volume and flair.

Classic Updo

This is the hairstyle that banana clips are most commonly used for. Pull the hair back out of the face and hold at the back of the head with hand or pins. Slide the banana clip from the bottom up in the open position until the hair is pulled up to the top of the head, close the clip and secure it at the top. The purpose of this hairstyle is to pull the hair up and back while still allowing it to fall naturally. The classic updo is best for medium to long hair that is curly or wavy.

French Twist

The French twist is a classic updo hairstyle that you can create using a banana clip. Create a loose ponytail and twist it in a clockwise direction. Pull the ponytail up so that the tip of the hair is facing upward, then fold the ponytail in half and tuck the ends of the hair in. Roll the folded ponytail in one direction to create a tight twist. Secure with hair clips, then slide the banana clip in from the bottom. Secure the banana clip in place, holding the classic French twist hairstyle in a tighter and more secure fashion.

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