Homemade Ladybug Costume Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Making a costume is a creative project suitable both as an individual undertaking and as a family activity. Use red and black material and craft supplies to make a ladybug costume of your own, original design. The basic components of a ladybug costume are the red and black spots, the black antennae and wings. Homemade ladybug outfits look equally adorable on children, adults and pets.

Infant Ladybug

If you have to travel with your infant to a costumed event, he may find a store-bought costume uncomfortable to wear--particularly in the confines of a car seat. You can solve this problem by making a ladybug costume with a detachable shell.

The base of the costume is a black infant T-shirt and trousers. The baby should have black shoes and socks, too. Sew a red, pincushion-style round pillow that you can attach to the back of the T-shirt. Add spots by gluing or sewing on black felt circles. Attach a hook-and-loop fastener strip to the bottom of the red pillow and the matching strip to the back of the T-shirt. Attach the pillow by pressing the strips together. Remove the pillow when you need to change or travel with the baby.

Alternatively, you can sew black felt circles onto a red one-piece pajama. Attach black foam balls to wires and affix the wired balls to a red or black headband to make antennae.

Pet Ladybug

Make a little hoodie with red cotton fabric for your puppy. Use a black marker to make small black circles all over the hoodie. This will emulate ladybug spots. Attach pipe cleaners to the top of the hood by poking them through the fabric and gluing them in place. Attach tiny black foam balls or heart shaped balls to the ends of the pipe cleaners. Keep the hoodie on your puppy by tying it loosely under his chin. For small dogs, put tiny little black bootees on his feet. Use infant bootees and secure them, loosely with a little black yarn. This costume works for cats, as well.

Adult Ladybug

Black tights or sweatpants make good bottoms for a ladybug costume. Glue on dozens of red fabric spots to a large black T-shirt for a ladybug top. Make wings by shaping wire clothes hangers into wing shapes. Cover the wire wings with black or red tulle fabric. Stretch the tulle over the wings and glue it into place. Wear a black headband with some black wire antennae. Use an eyeliner pencil to draw small black spots on your face.

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