Scrapbook Page Ideas for a Birthday

Scrapbooking is gaining in popularity as digital photos, software and embellishments are easily obtained. Creating scrapbooks allows you to add creative, decorative borders to your treasured pictures while providing a place to add your thoughts, feelings or other pertinent musings about the photo or the event that surrounded the photo displayed.


Choose the thoughts or feelings you want to convey the most with your birthday scrapbook page. Use that as your guide to choose cardstock and paper that reflects the birthday celebration, along with your personal attachment and reason for making the page in the first place.

For your baby's first birthday, consider pastel or bright colors featuring balloons or the number "1." Choose one, two or three of your favorite pictures from his birthday and arrange them with the focus on one, such as his face covered with chocolate cake.


Your scrapbook page will serve as your memories later in life, as well as letting the birthday celebrant know how her birthday celebration, and how she, in general, has affected you and how important she is to you. Choose a page title to reflect the significance of her birthday, particularly if it's a milestone birthday.

Your daughter's 16th birthday scrapbook page might include a simple title, such as "Sixteen Candles" or "Growing Up Before My Eyes." Choose something related to the theme of her party, if there was one. "Glitz and Glamour" would be fitting for a Hollywood-themed party.


Include cardstock and embellishments that are appropriate for the type of page you're creating. Decide if the page will be humorous, sentimental, serious or any other way you want to spin it. Flowers or soft, muted colors might work best for an elegant, sentimental page, while balloons and streamers might work best for a humorous, light-hearted page.


Using a simple color pallet that matches the colors in the pictures or a particular element from the birthday celebration will create a softer page. Use a contrasting or bold color to mat your photo or create a border or background for your words. Choose which element you want the viewer to focus on when they look at the page. Add embellishments from the party, such as a small drink umbrella, ribbon from the balloons, decorations from the cake or pieces of wrapping paper from all of the gifts received.


Document the importance of the birthday with your journaling. Include funny moments from the party or your favorite memory you share with the birthday celebrant for a humorous page. Share your deepest emotions and feelings for him, reflecting on your fondest memory for a sentimental page. Describe what you saw, heard, felt, tasted and smelled if you are documenting a birthday for your young child who likely won't remember the actual birthday, but can relive it through your eyes when he's older.

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