Hairstyles With Butterfly Clips

Updated April 17, 2017

There are a few simple ways to wear butterfly clips to create formal and casual hairstyles. These looks can be mixed and matched for different situations. Butterfly clips are versatile enough to be used in fancy updos, ponytails and fringe. Whatever look you choose, you often can use a butterfly clip to achieve it.

Fancy Hairstyles

One method is to use the butterfly clip to hold a basic bun in place. This can be made more formal by making a neater bun, wearing a fancy clip, curling, crimping or straightening your hair beforehand and using hairspray. Also, you can curl extra pieces of hair and let them fall around your face. Neatness is key for a more formal-looking hairstyle.

Everyday Hairstyles

A less formal hairstyle with butterfly clips is to use an elastic holder to make a ponytail, then wrap the elastic around again and fold the ponytail in half. Fan out the hair horizontally and place a butterfly clip where the elastic is. You can also use butterfly clips to hold your fringe back. A pompadour style is achieved by creating a "poof" at the crown of your head, gathering that hair and then clipping it back with a butterfly clip. If you have long hair, use a large butterfly clip; for shorter hair, opt for a smaller-sized clip.


You can make any hairstyle more creative by trying them asymmetrically, or using interesting colour combinations or clip placement. You might wear two smaller butterfly clips instead of a large one, or use really small clips to hold back various strands of hair.

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