Creative Ways to Gift Wrap Tickets

Updated March 13, 2018

Tickets to a concert, sporting event or even the movies make an ideal gift for any occasion. A creative gift wrapping job adds excitement to the gift of tickets. It's natural for the recipient to guess the contents of a gift before opening it. A bigger package throws off the recipient, making the tickets more of a surprise once they open the gift. Customise the ticket wrapping ideas to match your gift-giving situation.

CD Case

Tickets to a music concert work well inside a CD case. Use a case from the band or musician that the tickets are for. Once the tickets are inside the CD case, it is wrapped as usual. The recipient will think she is receiving a CD until she opens the case to reveal the tickets.

Supersized Packaging

An oversized box for the tickets throws off the recipient. Fill the box with packing peanuts or another filler so the recipient has to dig for them. Just when he thinks the box only contains the packing material, he'll stumble upon the tickets. Putting the tickets in a small box or sturdy envelope ensures they don't get lost or torn during the process.

A similar option is to wrap the tickets in a series of boxes that get progressively larger. Place the tickets in a small gift box, wrap it, and place it inside a slightly larger box. Continue the process as many times as you want to keep the recipient busy.

Gift Basket

A gift basket with related items makes an ideal presentation for gifted tickets. The other items in the basket will depend on the exact event. For example, tickets to a baseball game might include a baseball glove, baseball, program from a previous baseball game and a bag of peanuts. Wrap the entire basket in cellophane and tie it with a bow to complete the presentation.

Gift in a Gift

Another option is to wrap event tickets inside another gift. For example, you can wrap concert tickets in a shirt that has the band's logo on it or football tickets inside a football jersey. For a general gift inside another gift idea, place the tickets inside a box of chocolates. This gives the recipient an immediate gift as well as the excitement of attending the actual event down the road.

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