Motivational office meeting games

Updated July 05, 2018

Working the same job every day is naturally going to get a little monotonous, and your employees may get stuck in a rut. It is your responsibility as their manager to keep morale up. When morale is up, numbers and production are up. Try some of these games at office meetings; they can be fun as well as motivational.

Truth or Lies

Have everyone write down two truths about themselves and one lie. Have everyone else try to guess which ones are the truths and which is the lie. This helps everyone to get to know a little bit more about one another. This fun and simple game also promotes close work ties and bonding.

The Birthday Game

Separate people in groups by their birthday months. This helps people get to know each other, and lets them speak to co-workers in other departments. It can also show co-workers how much they have in common.

The Eye Colour Game

Have everyone form groups according to eye colour. This again encourages people to step outside of their normal work cliques.

Sharing Medical Stories

Have people in the team tell a medical anecdote that happened to them. The story can be serious or not, depending on what the co-worker wants to share. People tend to bond talking about either traumatic or funny stories in their lives.

The Sports Game

Each person tells the others what sport is their favourite, and why. They can also reveal which sports team is their most or least favourite, and why. This promotes bonding as it shows what people have in common or can be competitive about--- perhaps in activities outside the office.

The iPod Game

Going around the room, each employee tells what was the last song they played on their CD player or iPod. This is a fun way to promote learning about each other and seeing how much everyone has in common when it comes to music.

The Quickness Game

Divide the room into two groups and give them a simple task, such as lining up in order of birthdays, or alphabetically by name. The team who completes the task the fastest wins. This game shows the importance of teamwork.

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