Men's Airplane Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas

Updated March 13, 2018

The party fun takes off with an aeroplane theme. Whether the birthday party is for a pilot or a man who simply enjoys aeroplanes, a themed cake is a must for the celebration. A creative cake creates a dessert table centrepiece that leaves the guests in awe. The aeroplane cake ideas are simple enough for anyone with basic cake decorating skills to do at home. You can also take the ideas to your favourite bakery and let them handle the dirty work.

Shaped Airplane Cake

A sheet cake easily transforms into a fun centrepiece for the party when you cut it into the shape of an aeroplane. You can make a template by drawing the aeroplane shape onto a piece of thin cardboard. The cardboard aeroplane template is placed on top of the cake so you can cut around it with a sharp knife. Once the shape is cut, you can decorate the aeroplane-shaped cake with buttercream icing. For a customised cake, turn the recipient's name into the name of the airline, writing it on the cake for a special touch.

Airplane Toy Topper

If you don't want to mess with cutting the sheet cake, a realistic aeroplane toy dresses up a plain sheet cake to fit the aeroplane party theme. The toy should be a new, clean aeroplane replica so it doesn't ruin the cake. Black or grey fondant cut into a long strip creates a runway for the toy aeroplane. A decorative border and a birthday message piped onto the iced cake round out the decorations.

A similar option is to decorate the entire sheet cake to look like a runway. Cutting the cake in half the long way and placing the two pieces end-to-end creates a long, narrow runway for the toy plane. Gray or black buttercream icing to cover the entire cake provides the decoration for the runway. The toy aeroplane is positioned on the cake to complete the design.

Three-Dimensional Airplane

Three-dimensional cakes are a popular option for birthdays. They are created by stacking sheet cakes to the desired height and then carving the cakes to resemble the desired shape. In this case, you'll carve the cakes to resemble the aeroplane structure. Once it's carved, buttercream icing coats the three-dimensional aeroplane cake. Additional buttercream icing or fondant works well to make the windows, lettering and other accents of the aeroplane cake.

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