Paper Plate Dinosaur Craft

Updated April 17, 2017

Paper plates are an easy and inexpensive craft material that children can delight in decorating and cutting up to make something new. The exaggerated body features of dinosaurs are the perfect subject for a paper plate crafts.

Paper Plate Dinosaur

There are many ways to make a dinosaur craft from paper plates and many different dinosaurs to represent. To use the whole plate, paint or draw dinosaur skin on a paper plate. Cut out a long brontosaurus neck and legs from construction paper and glue them to the back of the paper plate. You can make a 3D version using two paper plates stapled together as the body. You can also fold the paper plate in half and staple it together to make a smaller body. To make the dinosaur entirely out of a paper plate, cut the plate in half and use the half circle as the body. Cut the head and tail from the rim of the other half of the paper plate. With the excess cut four legs and glue the dinosaur together.

Styracosaurus Paper Plate Mask

The styracosaurus has large horns protruding from its head and above the nose, and the distinctive features make it a good subject for a mask. Paint a large and small paper plate different colours and glue the smaller plate to the larger one. Cut triangles from construction paper or foam paper and glue them around the rim of the larger plate. Draw a nose and mouth and glue a triangle above the nose. Cut out eye holes and tie a string to both sides of the plate to hold the mask in place. You make masks of different dinosaurs with distinctive features that can be represented easily on the mask.

Dinosaur Finger Puppets

Draw the outline of a dinosaur body, head and tail without the legs on a paper plate. Draw easily recognisable dinosaurs such as the T-rex, stegosaurus and brontosaurus. Cut out the outline and colour or paint the dinosaurs. Cut two holes at the bottom of the body where the legs would be, large enough to fit the index and middle finger. Put the two fingers through the holes and use them as the dinosaur's legs. Children can create a background scene or diorama and use the finger puppets to act out a day in the life of a dinosaur.

Stegosaurus Costume

This easy craft uses paper plates as the bone plates on the back of stegosaurus. Children can decorate the plates different colours, with stripes or polka dots. Fold the paper plates in half and staple together. Crease a half inch fold on the flat side of the paper plate and use a glue gun to fix the half circle paper plate upright to the back of a shirt. You can use as many plates as you want and the spikes can go all the way down the shirt and the trousers. Fold another decorated paper plate in half to make a spike hat and use a string fixed on both sides to tie around the chin and hold the hat in place.

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