Can You Tag People on Facebook Mobile?

The Facebook Mobile application and Facebook Mobile Web allow users to access many of Facebook's features, including status updates and photo uploads, all on the go using a wireless device or mobile phone. You can use the "Tag" feature to link to your friends' pages, while uploading photos and checking into Facebook Places. With the right privacy settings, tagging friends in places and photos is easy with Facebook Mobile Web or the Facebook Mobile smartphone app.

Tagging Friends

The "Tag" feature allows you to link your friends to the content you post and share on Facebook. If privacy settings allow, you can tag friends in your photos and Places, and the related story will appear on your Wall and theirs. Facebook will send a notification alerting them of the tag, as well as any relevant comments. Content in which two users are tagged shows up on Facebook Friendship pages where it can be viewed by mutual friends, assuming existing privacy settings allow.

Facebook Mobile Application

Open your Facebook account by launching the Facebook Mobile app on your wireless device. For photo tagging, scroll to the middle of your upper toolbar on your home page and select the option to "Upload A Photo." Select the desired photo and select the "Tag This Photo" link, then click the "Add" link that appears on the resulting page. Place the cursor as desired and type the name of the user you want to tag in the resulting "Add Tag" box and click "Continue." Finish by clicking "Done" and "Upload." To tag a friend in Facebook Places, select the "Places" link from your profile page. Click "Check In" and choose your location from the resulting list of places. Select the option to "Tag A Friend" and select that friend from the list of resulting names. Type an optional description of your activities and select "Check In."

Facebook Mobile Web

Open a Web browser on your mobile device, go to and log into your Facebook Mobile Web account. For photo tagging, open the Facebook photo you want to tag. Click "Add Tag" and check the name of the user you wish to tag in the resulting box. Click "Add Selected" and "Done" to tag the friend. To tag a friend using Facebook Places, check into your Facebook location. Select the "Tag Friends With You" button below the location name. Choose your friend from the resulting list and include an optional description of your activities. Select the "Check In" button to tag the friend.

Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook privacy settings allow users to restrict the visibility of their Facebook content. For every Facebook tag, each user can apply his or her own privacy settings. You can allow other users to tag you in Facebook photos and Places with little or no restrictions on privacy, or you can customise privacy settings to prevent other users from seeing or commenting on Facebook tags. You can adjust your privacy settings to prevent others from tagging you at all, if you want to safeguard the privacy of your account. Sign into your account and click the "Privacy Settings" option from the "Account" drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of any page. Click "Customize Settings," and use the drop-down menus that appear on the resulting page to restrict or allow access to Facebook content posted by you and your friends.

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