The Role of a Front Man or a Lead Vocalist

A lead vocalist typically doubles as the frontman of a band and is often considered the group's spokesperson. Many roles are associated with being the lead vocalist and frontman, and it's usually their job to interpret the meaning of songs, connect with an audience and maintain the image of the band to a significant degree.


A lead vocalist provides the majority of vocals for a band. While some bands have more than one singer, many feature a single lead vocalist as frontman for the group. Lead vocalists sing the song's melody and are accompanied by band members, who may provide backup vocals.


The lead vocalist or frontman typically acts as the band's spokesperson and is often responsible for handling interviews and giving quotes to the press. The frontman may speak for the group at press conferences, after concerts or during album-release parties.


The frontman of a band typically has a strong say in the group's public image. As a frontman, lead vocalists may determine the outfits that the band wears, have a major say on what venues the band plays and where they tour. The frontman may decide whether to play in award shows or television specials, perform on soundtracks or have music used in commercials.


The lead vocalist and frontman ideally develops a rapport with an audience. This typically includes introducing songs, inviting audience members onstage and energising the crowd. While some lead singers are able to converse with an audience off the top of their head, others use scripted lines during a performance to connect with the crowd.

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