Cheats for "Dragons of Atlantis"

Written by alison jones
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Cheats for "Dragons of Atlantis"
Make the most out of your game. (Comstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images)

"Dragons of Atlantis" is a fantasy themed strategy game for Facebook. The goal of this game is to conquor Atlantis, rebuild the city, and govern it as your own. While building your city, it is also your challenge to defend it from invaders. It is important, when building your city, to be familiar with some tips and cheats. This will help keep your city in power, and make the game more difficult for others who try to overthrow you.

Replenishing Your Gold

Gold is important because it buys the materials you need to build your city. Gold is replenished on an hourly basis, but it is possible to increase your gold. Building more houses in your city will increase your taxes, therefore increasing your gold. Building the nicest houses you can will raise your taxes higher. The citizens of your city also need entertainment, so building a theatre will attract citizens and generate revenue. Another easy way to make more gold is to raise taxes.

Replenishing Your Resources

You need resources like coal and lumber to build your city. Resources are replenished on an hourly basis. One way to increase production of your resources is to conquor lands dominated by winderness. This will allow you to use that land to find resources for your city. It is also important to build better mines, lumber mills, and farms. Having upgraded shops with which to find your resources will make for greater production of that resource.

Prevention of Attack

Having a strong city is very important to keep power there. Spies can find out important information about future attacks. Be sure the wall that surrounds your city is the most upgraded wall that your gold can buy; this can help repel an invading army's attack. Also train as many soldiers as possible and place them around the wall to defend your city.

The Happiness of Your Citizens

The happiness of your citizens will determine many other aspects of your game. If your current citizens are happy, then more will come, creating a larger tax base. If you build places for entertainment, for example, your citizens will pay gold to visit them. Happy citizens will also work harder for you. This will increase the productivity rate of your resources.

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