Homemade Fanny Pack

Updated April 17, 2017

Bumbags are ideal for active people that have belongings to carry but want to have their hands free. For instance, runners, tourists and other people on-the-go wear bumbags for easy access to a wallet, cell phone or other essential. Bumbags worn by kids hold snacks and treats while kids play. Make a bumbag at home by recycling materials around the house.


There are a few important details to consider when making a bumbag at home. First, consider the age of the person that will be wearing the item. If making a bumbag for a child, a belt with Velcro is probably ideal, as this kind of strap is easy for a child to put on and remove. Also consider the level of activity in which the wearer will engage. For instance, if you are planning to use the bumbag when running outdoors, make a bumbag that is snug and tight fighting. If you will use the bumbag for light walking, there is less urgent need for a secure fit. Choose a gender-neutral fabric or colour scheme if the bumbag will be shared among several people.


Homemade bumbags are made for adults and children. To make the bumbag fit,

measure the waist or hips, depending on where the bumbag will be worn, of the person for whom you are making the bumbag. Measurements will be used to make an elastic belt for the bumbag.


Homemade bumbags are made from different kinds of pouches. Sew a pouch or find a pouch to use for the bumbag, such as a fabric pencil case or a flat coin purse that zips closed. To sew a pouch, simply fold a piece of fabric in half to create a little pocket. Stitch the sides of the pocket, leaving the opening of the pouch open. Sew a zipper into the opening to close the pouch.


Homemade bumbags work with a real belt or a homemade strap. Add belt loops to one side of the pouch near the top. Stitch small strips of fabric onto the pouch, leaving enough space through which to feed the belt. Make a belt for the bumbag by putting Velcro strips on the ends of an elastic band. First, cut the elastic band to the desired size. For a snug fit, cut the band to the exact waist measurement. Alternatively, simply use a leather or fabric belt that fits the person who will wear the bumbag. Thread the belt through the belt loops stitched onto the pouch to wear the bumbag. Remove the pouch to alternate belts.

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