Alternative to Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio is a free, streaming radio application for your computer or smartphone. With it, you can listen to music based on songs, artists or genres you already know or like. The free application is supported by ads. If Pandora is not compatible with your device or if you find its recommendations aren't accurate, you may consider alternative Internet radio stations or applications that play music from traditional radio stations.


Mog is a free-to-try (for 14 days) radio application you can listen to on your computer, iPhone, Android phone or even Roku player. A subscription to Mog allows you to search for music based on songs, artists or albums you already like. In addition to this, Mog allows you to instantly listen to these songs, unlike Pandora, which only allows you to listen to stations based off songs or artists. Unlike most streaming radio, you can select to download music from Mog so you can listen to it even without a network/Internet connection. You can create your own playlists on Mog and access these playlists from multiple devices.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio uses your Wi-Fi or network connection to play digital streams from traditional radio stations. Thus, you can use this application to enjoy local music even if your device does not have an FM tuner. Furthermore, you can tune into radio stations from around the world, even if they do not broadcast to your location over the air. With TuneIn Radio, you can find stations based on artists or genre and add them to your favourites list. TuneIn also allows you to choose the quality of the stream, if there are multiple qualities available, so you can choose to listen to music sooner or in higher quality, depending upon your needs. Unlike some radio applications, TuneIn Radio also includes talk and sports stations. This application is available for Android, BlackBerry and iPhones.


Slacker Radio is available via browser-based application as well as downloadable apps for smartphones, iOS devices such as the iPad and iPod Touch and even televisions and multimedia players for your home. Like Pandora, Slacker radio includes stations by default, based on genre or holiday, among other themes. Slacker Personal Radio lets you see the playlists of these stations, and you can navigate directly to a song to listen to it or use the song to automatically create a different station. Pandora does not allow you to see the next song in the playlist like Slacker Radio. However, both programs include periodic video or audio ads you cannot skip, unless you subscribe, and only allow you to skip up to six songs per station per hour.


iHeartRadio is another application for smartphones and browser radio listening. This program features access to more than 750 different traditional radio stations from around the United States. You can browse for stations in a particular area or search by genre. However, your favourite local station may not be available. Like TuneIn Radio, iHeartRadio also includes sports and talk radio stations if you sometimes prefer these to music. The videos section of the website and application includes interviews, music videos and live performances from a variety of artists. One of the unique features of iHeartRadio is the periodic contests, from which you can win iHeartRadio swag, vacations or concert tickets.

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