Homemade Budgie Toys

Updated April 17, 2017

The Budgie or parakeet is a bird frequently kept as a pet. They are intelligent animals, and need toys to keep them entertained. These toys can include swings, perches and things the bird can chew or push around. The cost of new toys from pet stores can add up, especially those toys meant to satisfy a bird's chewing urges. You can make your own toys at home, but check the list of materials toxic to birds (see Resources) before you begin.

The Spider

Tie several long strings of vegetable-cured leather or cotton shoelaces to a key ring. Thread wooden beads, paper strips, cut up toilet paper rolls, or straws to the string. Tie off the ends with a sturdy knot, and clip the ring to the top of the cage so the strings hang down.

The Ladder

Drill small holes on each end of three or more unpainted frozen treat sticks. Tie a knot in the end of a shoelace, and thread it through the hole on one side of a stick. Add a few beads, then knot off the top and slide another stick down the string. Repeat until all the sticks are strung, and then do the other side. Put more beads at the top, tie the two sides together and attach the complete ladder to a key chain.

The Swing

Twist about a foot of sisal rope into a circle. Tape the ends firmly together, then wrap the tape with twine, leaving the end free. Add a string of beads to the top or bottom, but leave room for the bird to slide the beads back and forth. Attach the loose end to a key ring or carabiner and hang it from the top of the cage.

The Maze

Cut holes in empty cardboard boxes and slide paper towel or toilet paper tubes in to form rooms and tunnels. Add treats and toys in different areas to encourage the budgie to explore the box.

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