I Can't Delete Facebook Notifications

Notifications from Facebook are useful because they keep you up-to-date with who is communicating with you. You can refer back to them if you want to remember whom you would like to respond to on the website. You can receive several types of notifications on and off the website. Review this information to determine if you know how to delete them if you are having trouble.

Types of Facebook Notifications

Facebook will notify you about updates in several ways. On your home page, you can find the most recent notifications by clicking the globe icon in the upper left corner. Note that you cannot delete notifications in this view. If you are online when someone interacts with you, you will receive a notification popup in the lower left corner of your screen. You can also adjust account settings so that you receive updates on your mobile phone or through your e-mail account.

Viewing All Recent Notifications

Facebook saves all of your most recent notifications. To see all of your notifications in order from the most recent to the most dated, click the globe icon in the upper left corner of the Facebook page. Select "See All Notifications." Here you can change your notification settings and delete recent notifications.

Deleting Notifications

The ways to delete notifications are numerous, depending on what type you get. E-mail or phone notifications can be deleted through your e-mail account or directly on your phone. To remove a popup notification, move your cursor to it and click the "X" that appears to the right of it. To delete all other recent notifications, view all of your notifications. Click the "X" that appears on the right side of the notifications you want to delete.

Other Options

If you cannot delete notifications and seem to be having some problems with the Facebook website, you can take a few actions. First, refresh your browser. Update your browser or use a different one if you think the problem is browser-related. Also check your Internet connection. It is possible that the problem might be on Facebook's end, so try again later to see if the problem is fixed. Report the problem to Facebook if it is still not resolved after you take these measures.

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