The Effects of Temperature on Carbonated Sprite

Written by aleksandra ozimek
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The Effects of Temperature on Carbonated Sprite
Sprite may lose its bubbles in warmer temperature. (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Carbonated soda such as Sprite is affected by the temperature at which it is stored. Temperature may affect the overall taste of the drink, as well as the amount of carbonation. Soda tastes best at room temperature or when refrigerated. Really cold or really hot temperatures may irreversibly alter carbonated Sprite in a bad way.


The carbonation of drinks, or the amount of bubbles in them, is due to the amount of carbon dioxide in the drink. When the drink is opened, or left in an open glass, it loses its bubbles because the carbon dioxide slowly evaporates from it, regardless of temperature. However, the carbon dioxide may be lost faster in warmer temperatures, as opposed to cooler temperatures, both in an unopened and opened Sprite drink. When the soda is colder, the carbon dioxide is more soluble. Keep the soda cold before and after you open it for best taste.


Soda tends to lose its carbonation at higher temperatures. It also loses some of its carbonation if it is frozen, then thawed. That is why soda tastes best at room temperature, or when refrigerated. When left cold, the amount of carbon dioxide lost is minimised, as compared to soda stored unopened at room temperature. Plastic bottles also cause soda to lose carbonation faster, as compared to glass bottles.


This experiment can be done at home by placing one bottle of Sprite in the refrigerator, and leaving another bottle at room temperature. Open the bottles after a few hours and leave them as they are. Check to see which Sprite is more carbonated.


Carbonated Sprite is, in fact, affected by temperature. When kept at room temperature, it fizzes more when opened, and more carbon dioxide is lost. Although the carbon dioxide is lost, less is lost once the soda is refrigerated. However, if the Sprite is refrigerated while unopened, it loses less carbon dioxide and, therefore, remains carbonated. The warmer the temperature, the more carbonation lost. To keep soda carbonated, keep it as cold as possible for as long as possible.

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