How to Get the Crystals Out of After Shock

candy sugar image by lefebvre_jonathan from

After Shock is a strong, sweet liqueur. Because it is so full of sugar you often see sugar crystals forming at the bottom of the bottle. Getting these crystals out of the bottle is a simple task and provides a sweet snack.

The crystals consist of sugar, not alcohol, so they will not get you intoxicated although they retain a taste of cinnamon.

Leave your After Shock bottle with the top off for as long as possible. Some of the alcohol and water will evaporate, leading to a more concentrated sugar solution and more crystals. When ready, drain any remaining liqueur.

Place the bottle into a bowl of hot water up to the neck for a couple of minutes. This softens the crystals where they meet the glass, and they will be looser and easier to dislodge.

Insert a long flat-headed screwdriver into the bottle and chip off the crystals. Use the wire for the hard-to-reach ones.

Turn the bottle upside down and shake the crystals out.