How to get rid of bloat from drinking

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One of the most common complaints from anyone who drinks alcohol---aside from a bad hangover---is the bloated stomach they experience after consuming large quantities of alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol has the capability to make you bloated because our bodies have to work really hard to process the toxins we've imbibed---this extra work on the part of our digestive track can cause bloating and gas. Also, many people head to sleep after a night of drinking, leaving them with a full stomach of undigested material, which also causes bloating.

Drink less alcohol than you normally would the next time you decide to go out drinking with friends. The most obvious way to reduce bloating from alcohol is to cut back on your intake of alcohol.

Drink lots of water prior to, during and after a night of heavy drinking. Water can work wonders on our bodies because it flushes out our system and keeps the digestive track moving, which can reduce bloating. As an added bonus, water will also help decrease your level of dehydration---or hangover---the next morning.

Avoid drinking on an empty stomach. When you eat before drinking your digestive track will already be working to process the food. So, when you go to bed at the end of the night the alcohol will not just be sitting in your stomach until the next morning, which is a common cause of bloating.

Go for a quick ten minute walk or light jog. Exercising is an effective way to help gas pass through the digestive system and remove bloating.

Take anti-gas and bloating medications that contain simethicone---an ingredient that breaks up gas bubbles and makes you feel less bloated. Avoid anything that contains carbonates as these products can make your bloating worse than it was to start with. Products that contain simethicone are available over the counter in products such as Gas X, Mylanta Gas and Flatulex.