Texting Symbols & Abbreviations

Written by breann kanobi | 13/05/2017
Texting Symbols & Abbreviations
Communicate your point efficiently by using abbreviations. (Polka Dot RF/Polka Dot/Getty Images)

Often, people wish to send text messages as quickly as possible. Text message symbols, such as smiling faces, frowning faces and roses, add personality to otherwise ordinary messages. Though most people understand the visual nature of a symbol, many do not know every text message abbreviation and may fail to understand a message full of abbreviations.

Smiliey Expressions

Smiles, often called smileys, consists of characters that combine to create the image of a smiling or frowning face. A simple smile consists of :) while a simple frown consists of :(. Other expression possibilities include drooling :)..., smirking :-7, grinning :D and crying :'(. Unique smiles include confused %-), angry :-|| and amazed :<>. Many times, a cell phone automatically turns a smiley into an icon of a smiling face.

Everyday Phrases

Most abbreviations use letters and numbers to emulate or shorten a word. For example, "ATB" stands for "all the best." "R" typically stands for "are" while "U" often stands in for "you." The letter "Y" often stands in for "why" while "C" stands in for "see." Common expressions include be right back "BRB," be back later "BBL," got to go "G2G," thanks again "TA," lots of laughs "LOL," have a nice day "HAND" and emergency "911."

Romantic Abbreviations

Romantic abbreviations express love or affection. Possible abbreviations for a significant other include all my love "AML," could it be magic? "CIBM?," hug and kill "H&K," I will always love you "IWALU," love "luv," take care sweetheart "TCS" and sealed with a kiss "SWAK." Romantic symbols include a heart <3 and rose @>-->--. Abbreviations that explain your relationship to others include date "D8," boyfriend "BF," girlfriend "GF" and long term relationship "LTR."

Work Abbreviations

Text abbreviations appropriate for work express an idea in a professional way. However, abbreviations are often inappropriate when communicating with a superior, especially if you avoid fully spelling worlds like "you" and "see." Abbreviations include away from keyboard "AFK," be home late "BHL8," in a meeting "IMTNG," work "WRK," free to talk "F2T," for your information "FYI," call your boss "CYRBOSS," mobile "MOB" and asleep at keyboard "AAK."

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