Characteristics of a Yorkiepoo

Written by valerie valdez
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Characteristics of a Yorkiepoo
A Yorkiepoo makes an excellent pet for any dog lover. (NA/ Images)

The Yorkipoo, a mix of a Yorkshire terrier and a Miniature poodle, is a recognised American Canine Hybrid Club designer breed. This breed has a high energy level, is easy to train and has a cheerful, energetic and loyal personality. Cuddly, cute and loving, a Yorkiepoo makes a great companion and is an ideal pet for seniors, families with children and apartment dwellers.


Yorkipoos shed very little due to the mix of the two breeds, which have hair, not fur. The coat of a Yorkiepoo is usually long and silky with waves or curls. Regular grooming removes tangles, so brush a Yorkiepoo several times a week and clip the hair around its eyes and mouth. Bathe it when needed, but overdoing it will dry out its skin. The colour of its hair depends on the colours of the parents, but common markings include two-tone variations of black, white, brown or grey. The hair colour may fade a little if the Yorkiepoo is exposed to a lot of sunlight.


This breed has a terrier's stamina and energy but without its hyperactivity. A Yorkiepoo does not yap like some small breeds but is an excellent watchdog that barks at potential danger. Extremely intelligent like the poodle, a Yorkiepoo learns commands quickly, including house training, but may require firm training for its strong personality. A social and lovable breed, a Yorkiepoo will sulk when it receives criticism and may experience separation anxiety without companionship.

Size and Age

Typical of a lapdog, a Yorkipoo remains small throughout its life, about 4.54 to 5.44 Kilogram when mature. A puppy at birth weighs about one pound. A fully grown Yorkiepoo stands 10 to 13 inches at the shoulder and is a good jumper. Moderately active, take a Yorkiepoo for daily walks and let it run around in a yard but avoid strenuous, outdoor exercise. Fairly strong for its size, a Yorkipoo plays well with other pets but needs supervision with children, who may play too rough with the small dog. Expect a Yorkiepoo to live up to 14 years or more.

Health Concerns

While a Yorkiepoo tends to have fewer health problems than a pure breed, it still experiences health issues. Due to its small size, a puppy is more susceptible than an adult to low blood sugar or hypoglycaemia. Musculoskeletal problems of the joints, tendons and muscles develop as the dog ages, making movement painful. Distichia or excessive eye lashes, which cause infections, and blindness from cataracts, are not uncommon in a Yorkiepoo.

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