Crafts With a Fireman's Helmet

Updated November 21, 2016

Firefighters, and even those who collect fire-related items, can put some of their extra pieces to use in craft projects. A fireman's helmet is a distinctive item, as it is symbolic of the position of a firefighter. Using helmets for crafts can be an added way to pay tribute to first responders, such as firemen.

Helmet Planter

You can turn a fireman's helmet into a planter, which can be used indoors or out, by using the main design of the helmet as your guide. Turn the helmet upside down, and place the top of the helmet inside of a glass bowl or container that the helmet fits inside. You can fill the bottom of the container with rocks, marbles, stones or even sand if you want the area underneath to top of the helmet to look filled in. Line the portion of the helmet where the head goes with cling film or a plastic liner to prevent water from leaking out; however, the container underneath will catch any dripping water. Use the upside down helmet as a vase for cut flowers. You could also fill the helmet with dirt and grow live plants in the helmet, as well.

Modified Honor Helmet

If you are working with a helmet that has special meaning and significance to someone, you can transform the helmet by crafting decorations and designs on the helmet to represent the fireman's work as a firefighter. For example, if you have a plain coloured helmet to start, typically yellow or white, you could begin by painting on the station number of the fire brigade with which the person was associated. To make the helmet even more personalised, use the fireman's badges as a guide and replicate the badge design, making sure to include the badge number, by using gold or silver paint and making the helmet by a reflection of the fireman's career.

Centrepiece Display

You can use a fireman's helmet as the basis for a long-lasting centrepiece, which can be used not only at home, but also at banquets hosted by a fire brigade. Start by making sure the helmet is clean and dry. Position the helmet on top of a mesh screen, and secure it in position using craft wire. Use silk greenery, such as ivy, to fill in the rest of the mesh screen to cover it up. Enhance the design by adding decorative accent pieces, such as miniature fire hydrants, plastic or ceramic Dalmatian dogs and small brass bells resembling those found on fire trucks. You can add other items to complete the look, such as cast iron or resin fire trucks held down with craft wire. If you want a centrepiece that lights up, use battery powered miniature flashlights in colours such as red and yellow. Attach the flashlights throughout the display and when in use, turn them all on to create a bright centrepiece.


Using the fire helmet as the top of the craft, you can make a windchime out of a helmet. Attach string or wire to the underside of the helmet, and extend all pieces upward. Connect them by twisting them together to create the hanging portion of the craft. Working with the inside portion of the helmet, where the head goes, use the band inside to attach the wire or string in varying lengths from which items will hang. You can add various items to the bottom of the strings for the chime portion of the craft. Ideas include resin fire hydrants or fire trucks. To make a unique and collectable set of chimes, attach fire brigade badges to the strings to make chimes that not only showcase the helmet, but feature the recognition medals received as a firefighter as well.

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