The Reset Sequence for a KitchenAid Dishwasher

Updated November 21, 2016

KitchenAid dishwashers typically work well with regular maintenance and care, but problems can occur with any household appliance. If the dishwasher will not operate, the control key pads seem stuck, or the lights on the control panel will only blink, the dishwasher needs to be "reset." If this is the case, there is a fairly simple sequence of touching control panel buttons that should reset the dishwasher.


The first method when it comes to resetting a KitchenAid dishwasher is to simply turn it off and disconnect the power. Wait 30 minutes, then restore the power. Choose a new wash cycle and any other desired options, then press or select "Start" to begin washing the dishes. If the dishwasher proceeds without any further problems, the reset is successful.

Reset Sequence

If the reset process of Step 1 did not resolve the problem or an error code returns on the control panel, a more thorough reset process may be necessary. Begin by closing the detergent dispenser lid and then the dishwasher door so that it latches shut. Press the "High Temp Scrub" pad and quickly press "Energy Save Dry." Toggle quickly between the two buttons several times until all of the LED lights illuminate. When the LED lights illuminate, release the pads on the control panel. The reset is complete.

Certain Models

Some KitchenAid dishwasher models require a slightly different reset process. For the KitchenAid KUDS01FLSS0 dishwasher, a different reset is necessary if the "Clean" light flashes 7 times in a row. In this case, press the "Sani Rinse" button, followed by the "Energy Saver Dry" button, followed by the "Sani Rinse" button and then the "Energy Saver Dry" again. All of the dishwasher lights will illuminate. Wait 10 seconds, then press "Cancel" to complete the reset process.

Service Assistance

Unfortunately, sometimes even resetting the dishwasher will not clear an error code or resolve a problem with the dishwasher, especially if something is damaged or broken and requires assistance. If efforts to reset the dishwasher fail or if you need further assistance, contact KitchenAid at 800-422-1230.

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