Teddy Bear Activities for Preschoolers

Updated November 21, 2016

Many preschoolers love cuddly teddy bears and most children own at least one. When planning a teddy bear theme for your preschool class, you can plan a variety of bear activities for the young children. From creating their own teddy bear crafts to playing teddy bear-themed games, the children will enjoy learning all they can about the cuddly bedtime pals.

Colouring Activity

Teddy bear colouring pages are available in colouring books and online. Give each preschooler a teddy bear colouring page. The preschoolers can colour the pages using colours, markers and paint. Tape the page to a piece of card stock and help the children cut the bear out of the card stock. Cover both sides of the bear with contact paper to make it durable and last longer. If you do not have contact paper, you can laminate the picture. The young children can also do teddy bear dot-to-dot puzzles.

Educational Games

Help the preschoolers learn their colours, numbers and letters with teddy bear games. Print pictures of teddy bears in different colours and scatter them on the floor. Tell the children to each stand on one picture and call out a colour. The child standing on that colour wins a small prize. Do the same thing with numbers and letters by drawing a letter or number on each teddy bear. You can also make a teddy bear memory game by printing pictures of different kinds or colours of teddy bears (two of each). Place the pictures face down on a table and let the children play a game of memory to find each teddy bear's match.

Play dough Crafts

Give the children play dough to make a teddy bear. Place pictures of teddy bears on the table to use as a guide. The children can use googly eyes and other colours of play dough to create the face, body parts and other features. Alternatively, preschoolers can make a long-lasting teddy bear by using self-hardening clay. The clay will harden overnight and the children can take them home the next day to show off their teddy bear creations to loved ones.

Classic Games

Put a spin on several party games by using a teddy bear theme. Some ideas include "Pin the Nose on the Teddy Bear," "Musical Bears" and "Hot Teddy Bear," instead of "Hot Potato." The preschoolers can pass a large plush teddy bear around the circle for a game of "Hot Teddy Bear." The last player remaining wins the plush teddy bear to take home.

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