What Are the Hazards in Bakeries?

Updated April 17, 2017

Any workplace has inherent hazards, which are essentially threats to the health and safety of staff or customers; bakeries, which are full of ingredients and contain hot objects such as ovens, have more than their fair share of hazards. Individuals working in a bakery should ensure that they're aware of hazards and how to deal with them safely.


Bakeries are hot places, mainly thanks to the heat generated by the presence of ovens in a relatively small space. As well as creating a potentially discomforting atmosphere to work in, this heat can also cause fainting by affecting a person's cardiovascular system.

Allergens and Asthma

The bakery is a workplace that contains various types of allergens. The most obvious source of allergens in this environment is found in the flour used in the production of bread; flour contains amylase, an enzyme that can trigger allergic rhinitis --- or hay fever --- when inhaled by humans. It can even cause asthma attacks in some individuals.

Objects in the Way

A bakery, like many workplaces, contains plenty of different objects, large and small, which are used by staff over the course of a typical day. These objects can become dangerous if not cleaned away after use, or if left in a walkway where they can be tripped over. For example, a bag of flour which has fallen into a busy concourse could cause people to fall over, while a floor that's left wet after cleaning could also lead to accidents.

Burns from Hot Surfaces

Since the bakery is a workplace in which products are treated at high temperatures, plenty of opportunities exist for objects or surfaces to become extremely hot, which presents a hazard if an unassuming individual then touches these hot things. Hot objects can cause burns and scald the skin. Staff should remember to wear gloves where necessary, such as when carrying trays, and to protect themselves with other appropriate clothing such as long trousers.

Oven Locks

Many bakeries feature a walk-in oven, which will be extremely hot within. A walk-in oven can present a hazard if its door shuts when an individual is inside, causing the person to overheat if they can't get out. Walk-in ovens should be fitted with locks which contain a release mechanism based on the inside, to avoid such a situation occurring.

Fire Risks

Not only are bakeries hot places, but they're full of materials and objects that can catch on fire if staff aren't careful. For example, bakeries are likely to contain flammable raw materials such as packaging and fat, as well as storage tanks and ovens which could also be dangerous if an accident occurs. Staff should keep fire extinguishers and gas detectors nearby to avoid emergencies.

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