How to thaw frozen muffins

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Freezing is a useful and practical way to preserve food. It is especially useful when you have baked a lot of muffins and they have not been all eaten at once. Of course, after freezing, and before they can be consumed, the muffins must be thawed. There are definitely wrong ways to do this that will result in an inedible muffin. However, taking the following steps, you can learn how to properly thaw frozen muffins.

Remove your muffins from the freezer. If you have packaged them heavily then remove some of the packaging, but keep the last layer present. If they are in a plastic container, carefully remove them.

Leave to thaw at room temperature. Make sure they are covered to maintain good hygiene. A good way to begin the thaw, and remove some of the ice that may have built up, is to dunk the muffins in hot water while still in the package. Be sure your packaging is watertight before you do this.

Heat the frozen muffins in an oven at 148 degrees C (300 degrees F) for 20 minutes. Check regularly on their progress. If it's too hot they will dry out and burn.

Set the microwave oven to defrost. Depending on your model, follow the relevant instructions in the handbook for your microwave for defrosting baked goods. If you can't find the handbook, defrost for approximately 10 minutes at half power, then check on them periodically until warmed through.

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