Flavor Flav Costume Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Flavour Flav is an American rap artist best known for his work in the group Public Enemy. Flavor Flav makes a great costume idea because of his unique personal style, which includes a large clock worn around his neck and occasionally a Viking hat. Dressing as Flavor Flav will make you instantly recognisable. Just be prepared to be called upon for an impromptu rap session.


A track suit will do for your costume, as will a simple T-shirt. Flavour Flav has also been seen in a purple suede jacket and a bright blue suit, so any brightly coloured outfit that stands out from the crowd is in keeping with Flavor Flav's style. He has also been known to wear a bright red cape, so keep an eye out for one of these as well.


When not wearing a hat, Flavor Flav's hair is most recognisable as standing straight on end. If your hair is not naturally black, consider dyeing it. Hair gel or mousse should be adequate for making your hair stand on end. In later life as a reality star, Flavor Flav has worn his hair in corn rows, small braids pressed down on the scalp in straight lines from front to back. Get a friend of a professional to help you with this.


Flavour Flav's hats are one of his trademarks. Any simple Viking hat will make you recognisable, along with other elements. He also wears a top hat at times, so this will do if you can't locate a Viking hat. A crown has been seen on Flav's head, featuring six tall gold triangles and multicoloured jewels. Find a picture of this online and make one out of cardboard. If you are looking for a simpler option, any baseball cap worn straight to the side will also do.


Flavour Flav is probably best knows for his profusion of jewellery. Most prominent is the large clock he wears from a chain around his neck. Since the clock has changed over the years, any clock will do. Try to find one that is not too heavy, and that can be tied around your neck with string. You should also get some other chains to wear around your neck, and fill your fingers with large rings. If you can, wear sunglasses as well.

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