What colors go good with brown for a bedroom?

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, where you go to relax, be alone and to sleep. This is why calming colours like brown are appropriate and popular for bedroom decor. Unfortunately, brown can be drab and depressing when used on its own. To brighten your bedroom, pair brown with brighter colours. This will prevent your bedroom from becoming dark or just a little gloomy.


Powder pink works well with shades of greyish brown. Choose one colour to be the dominant colour and one to be the accent. Use a lot of pink and just a little bit of brown, or a lot of brown and just a little bit of pink. The accent colour should be found in the pillows, curtains and some of the accessories in the room, including knick-knacks. Powder pink is most appropriate in a room for a female, although this would also work for a couple's bedroom.

Baby Blue

Baby blue and brown combine to make a more masculine combination than pink and brown. Again, pick one colour to be the dominant colour and one to be the accent colour. This is appropriate for the room of a female teenager or for a couple. If you're looking for a second accent colour, consider cream or different shades of blue or brown.


Gray and brown are a fabulous combination for any gender or age group -- in fact, it works very well for children because it doesn't easily show dirt -- but be careful that the room doesn't become too dim or gloomy. Use accents of cream or white dispersed around the room to keep it light and pleasant. Use shades of greyish brown rather than warm shades of brown so that the brown and grey will not clash.

Warm Colors

Colours like red, gold and copper are best used with warm shades of brown. Use brown as the dominant colour to prevent the room from becoming intense and overwhelming, or use dull, earthy tones of the other warm colours. This colour combination works well in a room that gets less natural daylight than some others. It can be overstimulating in a room with a lot of natural daylight.

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