40Th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Mom & Dad

Updated March 29, 2017

The 40th wedding anniversary, also known as the ruby wedding anniversary, is a big milestone for your parents to reach in their marriage. Although ruby-themed gifts may be traditional, it is usual for couples to receive modern alternatives. It is not cost and extravagance that is likely to impress your parents, but a thoughtful and caring gesture that will delight them on their ruby wedding anniversary.

Ruby-Themed Gifts

If you would prefer to opt for a traditional gift, then ruby-encrusted items are a safe bet. Select his and hers jewellery that features the precious stone. Cufflinks, earrings, bracelets and rings are suitable options and can be purchased to suit varying budgets. Engrave the items of jewellery with a special message to serve as a reminder of the important milestone.

Sentimental Gifts

Many sentimental gifts are suitable to present to your parents on this important occasion. Put together a scrapbook that documents their relationship from their courtship to their wedding to the birth of their children and beyond. If your parents enjoy gadgets, a digital photo frame that plays significant photographs in a slide show sequence is a modern alternative. Keep in theme with the ruby anniversary by presenting the gift with a bouquet of 40 red roses.

Second Honeymoon

Join with siblings and family members to arrange for your parents to have a second honeymoon. If a cruise is out of the budget, book a surprise mini-vacation instead. Select a location that holds a significant meaning for your parents, such as the place they began dating or a favourite past holiday destination. Add an element of surprise by organising an anniversary-themed scavenger hunt around their home that leads to the travel tickets. Theme the scavenger hunt questions based upon their relationship, such as "The song of your first dance," and hide the next clue in the song album sleeve.

Video Message DVD

Ask friends and family members to record a video message wishing your mother and father a happy anniversary. Although it may be difficult, try to trace some wedding guests from their wedding day to see if they would be willing to wish your parents happy anniversary. Use a basic video editing program to edit the messages into a montage and add your parents' favourite love song in the background.

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