Cheats for the Internet Game "Frank's Adventure 3"

Written by martin cole
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"Frank's Adventure 3" is an online game that puts you in control of a man named Frank, who is on vacation. You are called on your cell the minute you step on the island. Aliens ask you to obtain six pictures of attractive women for them; cheats and hints for this game show you how. This game is for adults only as it contains sexual and drug references.

Lost Bracelet

Go to the fishing supply shop to purchase the four types of bait and a fishing rod. Head to the pool used for the dolphin shows, attach any bait to your rod and cast off into water. Reel in your catch, which is a bracelet. Cross the bridge into East Town and talk to every girl until you find one who lost a bracelet. Return her lost possession and she will give you a picture of herself as a reward.

Two Gifts for Two Girls

Go and talk to Betty in East Town and buy two grams of drugs from her. Give one gram to the girl on the bridge and one at the light tower. Both of these girls will give you pictures of themselves as a thank you.

Blue-Striped Fish

Go to the bottom right corner of West Town, the left side of the bridge, and go fishing in the area in front of the woman in a sailor's hat. Keep catching fish until you get a blue-striped fish. Head over to Kirby's Diner in East Town, present Kirby with the blue-striped fish and ask him to cook it for you. Sell any of the other fish that you brought to Kirby; you'll need this money later. Talk to girls in East Town until one says that her favourite food is blue-striped grunt. Give her the meal that Kirby just cooked you and get the fourth picture.

Cat Resurrection

Talk to the woman in the sailor hat and rent a ship from her. If you don't have enough money, buy and sell some fish just as you did in the previous section. Sail south until you encounter a place where you can dock. Pick up the soothing herbs and a spade and sail back to West Town. Search the bushes near the bridge for a cat's tombstone. Dig up the cat and take it to the voodoo shop. Present the store owner with the soothing herbs. Pass her the dead cat and she will resurrect it. Speak to all the girls until one mentions a dead cat; give this girl her cat, alive and well. She will give you the fifth picture.

Last Photgraph and the Uploader

Talk to Professor Zock in the amusement centre. Play the Monkey Dude mini-game and receive a score of more than 100,000 points to get the sixth and final picture. Go to West Town and speak to the women dressed in a kimono at the soccer field. Go to the statue north of the voodoo shop and click on its right eye. Upload your pictures here to complete your alien assignment.

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