Easy Steps for Young Children Learning to Tie Shoelaces

Written by tabitha harwell
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Easy Steps for Young Children Learning to Tie Shoelaces
Help a child tie his shoe with easy steps. (Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images)

Teach a child to tie his shoes so he can feel a sense of accomplishment and learn to do it by himself while he is out playing. According to BabyCenter, shoe tying is a milestone that each child will accomplish, typically around the kindergarten age. Sit with him and work one-on-one until he can finish the job himself.

Colour-coded Laces

Buy solid white shoe laces to help teach your child. Mix a solution of water and food colouring, such as red or blue, and dip one half the shoe lace into the solution. The shoe lace will need to dry completely before use to prevent staining on the hands; however, once it dries, you can teach your child to distinguish between the left string and the right string. Simply string the lace through an old shoe, one you designate for practice, and help her learn the steps with her "right" string and "left" string.

Silly Bunny Story

Make up a silly story to go along with shoe tying. Shoe laces resemble bunny ears; therefore, teach your child how to make the bunny head with the first initial knot. Then he makes the bunny ear with his right lace. The left shoe laces goes around the bottom of the bunny ear and the centre of the lace goes through the bunny hole to make the left bunny ear. The bunny will be so happy once he has both ears.

Stickers on the Hand

Children may get confused when trying to distinguish the difference between their left and right. Place a sticker, of the child's choice, on one hand so he knows which side is left and which side is right. While tying his shoes, make sure to point out which lace he is using -- the left or right. If he is predominantly left, then you may want to enlist the help of an adult or child who is also a lefty.

"X" Marks the Spot

Take a different approach to shoe lace tying -- as the Disney Channel suggests, the "X" way. Separate the laces and pick up the left side and right sides with your hands. Cross them over each other to make a "X" shape. Loop one lace through the bottom hole of the "X" and pull tightly. Make a loop with your right lace and a loop with your left lace and cross them over each other to make another "X" shape. Push one loop through the hole at the bottom of the "X" and pull tightly.

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