What physical things attract women to men?

Written by kerry o'donnell
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What physical things attract women to men?
Women find certain physical features in a man very attractive. (Rayes/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Try as we might as a species to not let the physical attributes (or lack of) influence our attraction to the opposite sex, instinct overrides our intentions time and time again. Although we might try to avoid what might be perceived as shallowness, evolution is what's really at work here. It's why we, in spite of ourselves, can't help focusing on the physical appearance of a potential mate in the dating/mating game. There are several key physical features that women find very attractive in men.


Many women are more attracted to tall men. They prefer a man who is at least a few inches taller than they are. There is a perception that men who are taller are more dominant and powerful than men of average height. This translates into security and comfort for a woman. How a man carries himself is also important. A man with good posture is attractive to women. The way he carries himself shows self-confidence.

Body Type

A muscular physique is another feature many women are drawn to. Broad shoulders and chest, along with a narrow waist, signal that the man is active, exercises and takes care of himself. This also makes him less susceptible to health problems. The strength and ability to provide satisfies a woman's innate desire for security and protection.


Facial structure is an indicator for fertility. The male hormone testosterone helps shape a man's face, developing a larger lower face and jaw, with a prominent brow, and giving him the chiselled features that women find attractive. And the more symmetrical his face is, the more desirable the man is. Good teeth are also a strong attractor for women. Women are drawn to a man's smile, and teeth that are taken care of indicate a man who is concerned with staying healthy.


Pheromones are chemicals secreted by an individual, via scent, that produces a change in the sexual or social behaviour of members of the opposite sex. Studies have found that people prefer the smell of pheromones that are similar to their own, but not identical. This is why we are not attracted to our relatives. Nor do people like the smell of pheromones that are completely different from their own.

Eyes and Hair

Many women are drawn to a man whose eyes are large and clear. The eyes can be a good indicator of a man's health. A healthy man means a healthy provider. Hair is also important as an indicator of a man's health. Keeping hair healthy, clean and groomed, no matter what its length or amount, again shows a woman that the man takes the time to take care of himself.

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