Food of the Month Gifts

Updated April 17, 2017

Whether you're passionate about food or have a foodie in your life, a Food of the Month club is an ideal gift to give yourself or a friend who loves food. Food of the Month clubs offer a different type or flavour of a particular food item delivered to the club member's homes for up to a year. From cheese clubs to gourmet meats, there are no shortage of clubs to choose from.

Cheese of the Month

Cheese of the month clubs are among the most common food of the month clubs. You can find a club that is based on a specific kind of cheese that you like such as cheddar cheeses, cow cheeses or Italian cheeses. Most cheese of the month clubs offer a broad range of cheeses that includes the previously mentioned cheeses and more, with a different theme each month for up to year. Some clubs offer cheese accompaniments such as dried meats, jams and crackers. For example, Murray's Cheese of the Month Club has a Pair of the Month option that includes an accompaniment that pairs perfectly with the particularly cheese that month.

Chocolate of the Month

If chocolate is your friend's guilty pleasure, give them a chocolate of the month subscription. Depending on the specific club you choose, your loved one will receive a different type of chocolate from dark to white to even fruit-flavoured chocolate bars on the doorstep. You may order chocolate from around the world or from little-known boutique shops in the United States. Some chocolate companies offer their own chocolate of the month clubs if you prefer a specific brand of chocolate. For example Godiva offer several Chocolate of the Month clubs such as Year of Godiva Dark Chocolate and 6 Months of Godiva Baked Desserts.

Meat of the Month

Many gourmet food companies offer special meat of the month clubs based around a specific type of meat or a variety of meats with a common theme. There are smoked salmon clubs, ham clubs, steak clubs, and even venison clubs. Other meat clubs will send you a different type of meat each month. The Gourmet Grocery Meat of the Month club, for example, may send you frozen fillet mignon in January and rack of lamb in September. There are also dried meat clubs that offer different types of beef or turkey jerky, bacon and exotic jerky meat such as buffalo.

Produce of the Month Clubs

Fruit and vegetable of the month clubs send a different fresh produce to you each month, perfect for enjoying fresh produce that may not be in season where you live. These gourmet clubs send you only the best unblemished perfectly ripe fruit and vegetables. The Harry and David company offers a Signature Fruit of the Month club that sends a different fresh fruit each month as well as Fruit of the Season club that a medley of seasonal fruits four times a year. The Organic Vegetable of the Month club offers a variety of vegetable clubs such as Exotic Vegetable of the Month Club and Asian Vegetables of the month Club.

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