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This sweet treat derived from cocoa beans appeals to the palates of chocoholics universally. Galaxy is one brand of chocolate marketed and sold expressly in the UK and Ireland. If you've never heard of Galaxy Chocolate, perhaps it's time for an introduction.

Who makes Galaxy Chocolate

Galaxy is the United Kingdom's subsidiary of Mars Inc., the same company that produces Snickers, M&Ms, Twix, and of course, Mars bars. According to the official website, Galaxy chocolate was ranked 26 out of 100 grocery brands in 2007 in Checkout magazine, and a 2007 consumer taste test gave Galaxy's "Cookie Crumble" a top score of 50 out of 50.

Galaxy Chocolate bar selection

Galaxy chocolate bars come in four different flavours and/or sizes: Cookie Crumble, Smooth Dark; Raisin, Hazelnut & Almond; Roasted & Caramelised Hazelnuts; and Galaxy Kingsize--a larger bar that gives chocolate lovers "a little extra." And of course, Galaxy also offers a regular milk chocolate bar as well. Other Galaxy products include a hot chocolate drink and bite-sized Galaxy Minstrels shaped like mint creams.

Galaxy Chocolate secrets

Galaxy appeals to consumers with the promise of smooth, creamy chocolate. The shape of the chocolate itself even evokes a "creamy" visual: small, curvaceous rectangular squares with swirled indentations that taper off to the side of each individual piece of chocolate.

Galaxy Chocolate & the Rainforest Alliance

Mars takes a keen interest in promoting sustainable cocoa production and has invested more than £6 million in several different initiatives. Starting in 2010, Galaxy will receive its cocoa bean supply from farms certified by the Rainforest Alliance and will be the first to carry the Rainforest Alliance seal in the U.K. and Ireland. Mars plans to be the first chocolate company to certify its entire cocoa supply by the year 2020. Galaxy ensure consumers that all of the cocoa purchased for their chocolate bars is traceable to Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farm group. “This traceability ensures that the farmers making the improvements to earn certification benefit from their efforts,” the chocolate manufacturers say.


Galaxy is marketed and sold in the UK, making it a rarity abroad. However, consumers across the pond can find Galaxy chocolate sold online from certain online importers (see Resources)--or you may be able to cajole a friend in the UK into posting you a Galaxy care package. Because the US dollar is weaker than the British pound, expect to pay at least 80p ($1.35) for one of these chocolate bars.

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