Ideas for Large Bedrooms With Beds in the Middle of the Rooms

Updated March 23, 2017

Some challenges are good, such as filling the space in a large bedroom yet keeping a pleasing decor Rather than follow conventional design---and place the bed next to a wall---be original, and stand the bed in the middle of the room. Not only does this free up space for other items on the wall, but it also allows a hidden space behind the headboard.

Faux Floating Wall

One method to ground a bed in the middle of the room is by creating a faux floating wall. Create the wall by using the back panels of two large shelving units. By pushing your headboard next to the back panels, you give the illusion of a wall. Further the illusion by painting, staining or adding wallpaper to the back panel. In the space behind bed, add reading material, extra storage in bins or baskets, a small television and other items you need to store but don't want to be seen.

Curtain Wall

If you place a four-poster bed in the middle of the room, you can use the curtains behind the headboard to create a curtain wall. Rarely do people open the curtains on the top of a four-poster, as it is usually the sides and back that are open. Use the space behind the curtains to put your exercise equipment, such as a treadmill, weight machine or bike. Or make a reading nook, with a small fainting sofa or a couple of comfortable chairs, a lamp and a table.


An elegant Japanese folding screen, with ivory and jade insets, brings the attention from the location of the bed in the centre of the room to the screen itself. The tall screen surrounds the headboard and two Japanese-style nightstands next to the bed. Behind the screen, a black lacquer writing desk and comfortable chair hold the work of the lady of the house. This area contains her laptop computer, writing pen and quill, along with small shelves to hold her files, correspondence, date book and other electronic gadgets.


Some people prefer a minimalist approach and do not want to use the space behind the bed for anything. This will leave an empty or negative space, which will be required to be balanced out in the room. Much like the composition of a picture, the space will need to be incorporated into a total design scheme. This can be done by using the views from the window to give a feeling of distance or by the placement of the other furniture in the room.

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