Megaphone Crafts for Kids to Make

Updated November 21, 2016

You can be a sideline cheerleader or ringmaster by creating megaphone crafts using various craft supplies. A megaphone is used to project the voice of the user through its design; a small opening to catch the sound transforms it into a larger sound as it travels out the large opening.

Hand-Held Megaphones

Position a piece of construction paper lengthwise on your work surface and cut an arc on one end of the paper beginning approximately 1 inch from the bottom edge of the paper on the left, down to the centre edge of the paper and back up to 1 inch from the bottom right edge of the paper. Roll the paper from one long edge to the other and secure with clear tape. Decorate the megaphone with stickers or drawings, or by taping ribbon curls to the inner large opening. Adapt the activity to use cardstock for a more sturdy hand-held megaphone.

Cheerleading Megaphones

Measure a trapezoidal figure on a piece of 22-by-28-inch poster board positioned lengthwise on your work surface that is centred on the poster board. The small opening is 6 inches across, leaving an 8-inch section of unused poster board on each side and the large opening measuring 24 inches, resulting in 2 inches remaining on each side. Cover the trapezoid with clear adhesive paper and roll it in to a cone shape. Secure the edge with tape. Decorate the megaphone by creating strips down the cone and adorning the two openings in a complementary colour. Add a common cabinet pull with paper fasteners to complete the megaphone.

Megaphones from Found Materials

Roll a rectangular piece of flexible corrugated cardboard (often used as padding in large cardboard packaging) into a conical shape with a large opening at one end and a small opening in the opposite end. Secure the cone end with a piece of coloured duct tape. Using long strips of the same coloured duct tape, secure one end at the small opening and cover the cardboard toward the large opening. Repeat the duct tape strips, overlapping them as needed to completely cover the cardboard and make it more durable. Use a different colour of duct tape to make a stripe along the openings at each end. Another option is to clean an old garage funnel -- the kind used for car maintenance -- and decorate it with acrylic paints or permanent markers.

Sport Megaphones

Create a megaphone with cardstock or poster board using the previously described methods and decorate it with images representing your favourite sports team. For example, if your local NFL team is the Miami Dolphins, cover the megaphone in turquoise-blue poster board paint, add orange electrical tape stripes and borders on the openings, and embellish it with dolphin stickers and a stencilled capital letter "M."

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