Answers to Repairing a Paslode Finish Nailer

Updated February 21, 2017

Paslode makes a full range of traditional nailers, but they are known for their cordless nailers, which operate on a battery driven spark plug, which fires a gas cartridge, driving the fasteners. This type of nailer requires more maintenance and repair than traditional air nailers, which require very little. There are a few main causes for most problems with Paslode nailers.

Battery Problems

The Paslode finish nailers are equipped with a battery light on the left side of the handle. If the gun will not fire, this is the first place to look. A fully charged battery should be indicated by a green light. A red light indicates that the battery has discharged and should be replaced with a freshly charged battery. Turn the gun with the bottom of the handle up and locate the battery access. Press the locking tab mechanism and flip the access door open. Grasp the battery and pull it out. Insert a freshly charged battery, contacts down, and close the compartment. Check the battery light, which should now be green and return the tool to normal usage.

Igniter Replacement

The igniter acts as a spark plug to burn a small amount of fuel from the pressurised cartridge. This in turn activates the fastener driver and ejects a nail. From time to time, this igniter will wear out. When this occurs the gun will refuse to fire, or may fire intermittently. Start by removing the screws from the cover on the rear of the nailer with an Allen wrench. Underneath you will find a red wire, unplug it to reveal a black plastic cylinder. This is the rear of the igniter. Press it in and turn it counterclockwise to release it. Slip a new igniter into place and plug the wire in. Replace the cover and tighten the screws. Test the gun and return to normal use unless the problem persists.

Gas Cartridge Replacement

The gas cartridge is the third part of the three part firing system. These cartridges slowly empty, one shot at a time, until there is not enough pressure to fire. When this occurs you will notice a decrease in sound, often becoming a dull thud, when activating the nailer. To fix the problem a new cartridge must be inserted. Locate the gas cartridge latch and pull down on it to open the chamber. Drop the cartridge out and slide a new one in, pushing it into the chamber until you feel a slight pop, as the cartridge engages. Snap the door back in place to hold it.

General Trouble Shooting

If spark, gas and electrical charge are all functioning, check the fastener clip. Press the spring release on the bottom of the clip and slide it open. Ensure that fasteners are inserted correctly and slid to the top of the clip. Remove the fasteners and examine the top slot of the clip for jammed nails that may be blocking the firing mechanism. Release the top plate of the gun, either by flipping a metal buckle open or removing the screws, depending on the model. Remove jammed fasteners with a small screwdriver or needle nosed pliers.

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