How do I Disable a Jaguar X-Type Alarm Silently?

probes and wires image by Alex Motrenko from

Jaguar vehicles are known for their style, flair, and their many luxury features. They also, however, feature a number of the standard accessories that can be found or their less expensive counterparts. Vehicles like the X-Type have simple alarm systems that can be installed aftermarket onto the vehicle, and you can disable these alarms easily in just minutes from underneath the car's dashboard.

Remove the dashboard from underneath the steering column and ignition cylinder. You can do this with a flat blade such as a knife or a screwdriver, by simply popping the panels off.

Locate the alarm system underneath the dashboard, and locate the wires connected to your car's positive battery terminal.

Disconnect the wire. If you have disconnected the incorrect wire, reconnect it and keep going until you locate the correct wire.

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