3D Dragon Crafts

Updated July 20, 2017

Both children and adults are intrigued by dragons. You'll find them described in fairy tales and airbrushed on motorcycles. Whether your child likes to pretend he is a knight slaying an enemy dragon or prefers to imagine he is riding on a friendly dragon, 3D dragon crafts will fill his desire to meet one.

Egg Carton Dragon

This craft, like the one found on the Activity Village website, can be created from scrap construction paper, paint and an egg carton. A cardboard egg carton will be easier to paint then the popular foam egg cartons. Cut the last two egg holder cups off the carton to use as eyes for the dragon. Paint the carton and the eyes and mount the eggs toward the front of the carton with glue. Use the construction paper to add wings, a tail and orange fire breath. A marker can be used to draw details like nostrils and scales. A dowel rod can be inserted in the bottom as a handle.

Wiggly Dragon

The wiggly dragon's body, similar to the one found on the Arts and Crafts Ideas website, is made of two paper towel rolls, each cut into three pieces. Cut one of the pieces to resemble a dragon's head and one of the pieces into a pointy or forked tail. To make the dragon wiggly, you need to trim a "U" shape at the top and bottom, front and back, of each of the remaining roll pieces. Assemble the pieces in a line with the head at the front and the tail at the back. The roll pieces are attached together with brads to allow for movement. Create wings and legs out of paper and glue them to the dragon.

Sock Puppet Dragon

A sock puppet dragon is the perfect prop for telling dragon stories. Create your own out of a green sock and red and orange craft foam. Use the foam to add wings on the sides of the dragon and a tail on the back. Cut foam scraps into flames to insert in the space that will be the dragon's mouth. Add fun features like googly eyes and sparkly fabric paint scales. You can also attach green spikes down the back of the sock, or make white horns to put on top of your dragon's head.

Dragon Cookies

This no bake dessert is ideal for a dragon themed party, but easy enough for an afternoon snack as well. Create dragon cookies by using any round sandwich style cookie for the head. Use a tube of decorator icing as glue to attach two small round candies for eyes. Insert strips of orange fruit leather into the filled portion of the cookie. Snip the edges of the fruit leather to look like flames.

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