Vikings activities for kids

Updated November 21, 2016

When teaching your students about Vikings or hosting a Viking-themed birthday party, you can create a few activities about the Scandinavian explorers that began to roam the seven seas in the eighth century. Activities will teach the kids more about Vikings in an exciting way. Play games and award Viking-themed prizes, such as Viking hats and toy swords, to keep the kids interested in playing along.

Circle Games

Have all the kids sit in a circle. Write a sentence about Vikings and hand it to one player in the circle. He must whisper the sentence into the ear of the player beside him. Each player must whisper the secret to the player beside him until it gets all the way around the circle. The last player says the sentence aloud. If the sentence is correct, they all win a small prize. If not, they must try again with another sentence.

For another circle game, give one kid a Viking hat. Play music and have the children pass the hat around the circle. Each child must put the hat on before passing it to the next player. When the music stops, the player with the hat is out of the game. The last player remaining in the game wins the Viking hat.

Viking Crafts

Ask the children to sit around a table and give them a variety of supplies to make their own Viking items. Give the children cardboard, aluminium foil, markers, paint, tape, glue and construction paper. The children can make swords, shields and hats out of the supplies. For another craft, give the kids several buckets of building blocks. Tell them to build ships and castles out of the blocks. If you want to make this into a contest, award prizes for the best, most creative and funniest crafts.

Tossing Activities

Sit a Viking hat on the ground (open side up) and mark a line 10 feet from the hat. The kids must try to toss candy into the hat. Any candy they land in the hat is theirs to keep. For another tossing game, have each kid select a partner. Each pair must stand five feet apart. Give each pair a Viking hat. They must try to toss the Viking hat onto their partner's head. The first pair who lands the hat on their partner's head wins the game.

Dragon Games

Play a game of frozen dragons by selecting two players to be "it." The dragons have to stand in the middle of the room and all other kids must walk around the dragons trying to make them laugh. Players cannot touch the dragons at any time. If the dragons can stay frozen for one minute, they win a prize. When a frozen dragon laughs, replace her with another dragon.

For another dragon game, print pictures of dragons and Vikings. Write a number on each picture and write the same numbers on small slips of paper to put in a cup. Place the pictures on the ground and play music. While the music plays, the children must walk around the pictures. When the music stops, everyone must stand on a picture. Call out a number and the player standing on that number wins a prize.

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