Supplies for Dog Groomers

Written by miles jarvis
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Supplies for Dog Groomers
Dog groomers use a wide variety of supplies and tools. (Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

Groomers use more than shampoo, clippers and combs to care for and clean dogs. Professional groomers also use grinders, clippers, brushes, creams, powders, deodorants, dryers and many other grooming supplies. Some dog groomers even stock up on polish to paint dogs' nails. Familiarise yourself with some of the many commonly used dog-grooming supplies.

Clippers, Shears and Brushes

Dog groomers use electric clippers with clipping blades and guide combs to remove or shorten dog hair. Clipper oils, cord adaptors, clipper maintenance kits and battery chargers are also essential clipping tools. To care for dog nails, groomers use a grinder, clippers, trimmers and files. Groomers also use different types of brushes and combs when grooming dogs, including tip pin and bristle brushes and anti-static and shedding combs. Grooming shears include ear and nose trimmers, curved shears, straight shears and hook shears.

Shampoo, Conditioner and Cleaner

Dog groomers use shampoo and conditioner to wash and treat a dog's coat. Some dog shampoos are hypoallergenic, used for flea and tick treatment. Conditioner and dematting rinses are also common dog grooming supplies. Ear cleaners and powders deodorise and clean ears; eye wipes and tearstain removers clean eyes, and volumizing sprays thicken coats. Dog groomers use cologne and sprays to give dogs a pleasant scent; nail polish, ribbons and bows to beautify dogs; and paw balm to protect and moisturise paws.

Tables, Tubs and Crates

Grooming tubs come in different shapes and sizes. Some have ramps and steps to allow for easy access, others have a walk-in feature. Tub accessories include absorbent and fast-drying towels, plumbing kits, hair catchers, shower heads and shampoo bottle holders. Dog groomers may use crates, cage banks, kennels and exercise pens to hold and transport dogs before and after grooming. Grooming tables, including hydraulic and electric tables, are also common dog grooming tools. Grooming tables often have height adjustment features, grooming arms, foldable legs and non-slip rubber surfaces.


Dog groomers wear special grooming attire. Nylon grooming jackets, aprons, scrub tops, spa coats, grooming vests and groomer sleeves are common. Dog groomers use stain and odour remover, disinfectant, carpet cleaner and degreaser to clean and maintain grooming equipment. Toothpaste, toothbrushes, tooth scalers and plaque removers care for dogs' teeth. Dog groomers use dryers to dry dogs' coats. These can come attached to one or more cages, or they may be hand-held dryers with hoses and nozzles.

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