Knitting Machine Projects for Kids

Updated April 17, 2017

For children's knitting projects, turn to the child-friendly Singer, Sew Easy, and GR8 Gear Knitting Machines or Clover Wonder Knitter models. Certain models, however, have sharp points and edges, requiring adult supervision. Check the model and machine type for safe plastic needles for young children. Avoid intricate patterns, which often result in dropped stitches and sticking needles. Have the children use decorative yarns such as variegated or eyelash to create patterned knits.

Flat Stitch Accessories

Machines with optional knitting stitches such as flat stitches have different accessories. The width of the flat stitch knitted panel determines the width of the accessory. For example, certain kids' knitting machines require threading the yarn into spindles making the knitted flat panel while turning the crank handle. Kids can create projects like scarves, headbands or trendy headscarves, as well as knitted items for dolls. Check your brand with suggested panel widths to ensure the model can handle your knit design.

Round Stitch Designs

Circular shaped knitted garments generally require different knitting stitches such as the round stitch. Most knitting machines for kids include different stitches such as the round stitch. Projects such as forearm warmers, leg warmers, hats, mittens or knitted toy figurines use this alternative stitch. Read your brand's instructions for suggested yarn types such as wool, cotton, alpaca and mohair. Certain models cannot knit decorative yarns, referred to as novelty, such as chenille or bouclé. These knit fibres can tangle in between the spindle and cause permanent damage to the machine, especially if you have selected a plastic needle machine for younger children.

Knitted Trims

Other knitting machines include removable heads with multiple pins. This machine type makes knitted trims for accessories. By changing the heads, kids can make trims such as knitted flowers, bracelets, pins or beaded knit jewellery with pony beads. Most of these machines do not knit flat or round knit panels. For example, make a flower bracelet by choosing the flower's yarn colour and a complementary colour for the bracelet. Recycle old buttons from previous projects to complement the knitted flower.

Knitted Bags and Totes

Use a machine that knits wide panels to create projects such as knitted bags, backpacks and totes. Most of these models also include alternative decorative stitches and punch-card patterns. These cards have pre-designed patterns engraved in the card. The user insert sthe card into the appropriate slot to knit alternative patterns with complementary yarns. Change the knit setting and repeat the same pattern to knit straps for the bags.

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