Braces Games for Girls

Updated July 20, 2017

Braces games for girls are a practical and entertaining way for girls to be introduced to the subject of orthodontics. Exploring oral health in this relaxed and rewarding way can decrease girls' fear about getting braces, lessen their anxiety about the likelihood of teasing from peers about their braces and make their experience of having braces more comfortable.

Be the Orthodonist

Whether it is pretending to be a schoolteacher, a mommy, a pop star or a star athlete, role-playing games are popular among girls. Now, girls can act like an oral health professional with the Be the Orthodontist game from Straight Tooth Junction. Brought to the Web by Televox Software for orthodontic specialists Dr. Sands and Dr. Fotovat of Valley Village, California, this game allows players to put braces on a set of virtual teeth. Girls read and learn about each component of braces as they apply spacers, bands, brackets, archwire, ties and rubber bands.

Brace & Retainer Painter

Choosing the colour of the ties of your braces is as difficult a decision as choosing which Jonas Brother to take to a desert island. Luckily, the Brace Painter, by Ortho Sesame and featured on Vossers Ortho, allows indecisive braces wearers to test tie colours in a virtual mouth before committing to their decision in their own mouths. Girls whom have already had their braces removed can enjoy Vossers Ortho's Color Your Retainer game, which lets users customise the colour of a mouth retainer.

Orthodontics Word Search

For a braces game that challenges the mind and eye, girls should play the Prose Orthodontics Word Search from the website for this orthodontics office in St. Charles, Illinois.Print the word search from your home computer and browse the page for orthodontics themed words like braces, smite, bite, enamel and fluoride. Other searchable words, such as mums, garden and sun, have a spring theme, which is continued in the page's flower decorations that girls will enjoy.

In Office Games

Girls should check with their orthodontist's office for monthly prizes and holiday game offers. Special promotions and contests are usually available for current orthodontics clients and as a method to recruit new patients. Braces games like orthodontics themed crossword puzzles and find and seek games may be available at the receptionist's desk. Girls who participate in these in office games could have a chance to win prizes like goody bags, seasonal and holiday items, gift tokens and a free pack of braces rubber bands or a retainer case.

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