Advantages and Disadvantages of a Mobile Phone

Updated February 21, 2017

The mobile phone has a series of advantages and disadvantages associated with it, making it a mixed blessing within the technological world. With every convenience a mobile phone has, an inconvenience can be found. If you wish to purchase a mobile phone, make sure to factor both the pros and cons before finalising your decision.

Staying Connected

Mobile phones are ideal if you wish to stay connected to your circle of friends at any given moment, and do not want to rely on hunting down a payphone to do so. It is cheaper to place a long-distance call on a mobile phone than on a land line. However, mobile phones are battery-powered and need to be charged often in order to use them. If you find yourself in an environment without a wall outlet -- or if you leave your mobile phone charger at home -- and need to place a call, you will be out of luck unless you can find a payphone, a land line or someone else nearby who will let you use their phone.


Mobile phones are used in a variety of environments. Depending on your personal opinion, this can be rather annoying. Overhearing only one side of a conversation in public, display screens lighting up in movie theatres as text messages are being sent or friends interrupting conversations to answer a call can grate on your nerves. Of course, if these actions are not annoying to you, this is not a problem.

Too Much Connection

Depending on your personality type, a mobile phone may act as more of a curse than a blessing. Before mobile phones became commonplace within our culture, people only had land lines and answering machines. If you weren't home, you couldn't be contacted. Now, anyone who has your number can contact you at any point, making it more difficult to just get away from it all. Of course, there are times when you need to get in contact with someone else -- especially during an emergency -- and mobile phones make this possible. Even if the person you're looking to contact isn't home, you can still call or send a text. If you don't want to be bothered, you can always leave your mobile phone at home or simply turn it off.

The Contract

When you purchase a mobile phone, you only have the ability to place a call to 911 unless you sign up for a service plan. These service plans typically lock you into a contract for two years, implementing steep fines if you break them early. If you suddenly decide you no longer want your cellphone, you will be stuck with it unless you transfer the contract to someone else. However, you can always purchase a prepaid phone -- or a phone that has a set amount of minutes already attached to it -- and avoid the contracts altogether.

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