The Best Gifts for 19 Year Old Boyfriends

Updated November 21, 2016

Shopping for a teenage boyfriend can be difficult if you are not certain what to choose. For example, you might be working with a limited budget, as many teenagers do not have jobs or access to a lot of money. When you choose a gift for your boyfriend, think of something that complements a hobby of his and will show him how much you care about him. Homemade gifts are a good option when you don't have too much money.


Many teenage boys are interested in sports, so consider giving him a gift of tickets to a game. For example, if he likes baseball, choose a pair of tickets to a nearby college game or a minor league game. If you can afford a pair of tickets to a professional game, consider choosing a pair of tickets to a game featuring his favourite team.

Coupon Book

When you cannot afford to purchase a gift for your teenage boyfriend, make him one instead. For example, use construction paper, a hole punch and ribbon to create a coupon book for him. For example, make a page that is a coupon for a neck massage, another one that gives him ice cream at a local place and another for a home-cooked dinner.


If your teenage boyfriend is interested in music, consider giving him a music-related gift. For example, choose a gift card for song downloads that he can put on his MP3 player. Another idea is a mixed CD filled with his favourite music, a pair of tickets to a show by his favourite local band or a new pair of headphones or another accessory for his MP3 player.


Many guys enjoy baked goods, so consider baking your teenage boyfriend a batch of his favourite sweets. For example, make him a batch of sugar cookies cut into shapes like hearts. Frost them and place them inside a decorative tin. You could also make another type of baked goods, such as brownies, blondies or a pie.

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