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How to Connect a Digital Video Stabilizer to a VCR/DVD Recorder

Updated July 20, 2017

Save your vacation footage or family memories from the VHS graveyard. VHS tapes degrade over time. With a digital video stabiliser, you can preserve those memories to DVD. Digital video stabilisers improve the video signal between devices, giving you a crisper, clearer image.

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  1. Check that your VCR/DVD recorder has an "Input" label on the back panel or under a flip-down panel on the front. Not all combo players have the necessary input to attach composite video plugs. If your combo player doesn't have this input, you will not be able to attach a digital video stabiliser.

  2. Connect one end of the yellow plug of one of the cables to the "Out" port on the digital video stabiliser.

  3. Connect the yellow plug on the other end to the "Video In" port on the VCR/DVD recorder.

  4. Connect one end of the yellow plug on the second cable to the "In" port on the digital video stabiliser.

  5. Connect the other yellow plug to the "Video Out" port on the VCR (your playing source).

  6. Tip

    Connect the digital video stabiliser between your VCR or DVD player and the recording DVD/VCR recorder.


    Copy only DVDs and VHS tapes whose content you own. A digital video stabiliser removes copy protection from professional VHS tapes and DVDs. Creating copies of professional DVDs or VHS tapes violates copyright law per United States Code Section 1201(a)(1) title 17.

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Things You'll Need

  • Digital video stabiliser
  • 2 composite video cables (also called AV connectors or RCA cables)
  • VCR/DVD recorder
  • VCR or other player source (camcorder or DVD player)

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